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Rental Advertising

Control all of your marketing from one location with free rental listings across many major websites that we are partnered with such as CraigsList, Trulia,, and many more.  Free vacancy advertising saves landlords a ton of time.  

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Online Rental Applications

Say goodbye to most, if not all of your paper applications.  Place a link to your online rental application anywhere you advertise, the applicant can pay the application fee with a debit or credit card, and ultimately eliminate the hassle and double entry from the paper applications.

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Tenant Screening Tools

Know your applicant like the back of your hand.  Our tenant screening tools consist of credit reports and background and eviction checks from Experian and TransUnion, giving you the knowledge that you need to make smart and fast leasing decisions.

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Rental Lease Agreements

Easy to understand lease agreements protect your investment from the worst.  Generate your state-specific residential lease agreement with your applicants data from their rental application in just a few clicks.  Save all of your lease agreements online for you to access anywhere, 24/7.

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Collect Rent Online

Receiving rent payments online will give you and your tenants an easy to manage and a safe way to keep rent payments on-time and tracked each month.   Make your life easier by avoiding to have to go to the bank to cash all of those paper checks or deal with late residents.  Set up auto-pay!


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Income and Expense Tracking

Track your income and expenses with our powerful accounting tools.   Property management accounting is important no matter how large or small your operation is.  Track rent payments, online application fees, additional payments made, maintenance fees and much more on any device.

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This is Anita Hale Property Toolbox

Are you tired of spending countless hours on listing properties,  processing tons of paperwork, cashing rent checks, and then tracking all the income and expenses, just to have little to no growth?   It’s time to get a grow your business and your portfolio.  Make your life a whole lot easier with the most powerful property management software on the market.

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